“Native Roots is the creator of the very, very best line of body care products out there. I have been using it for nearly 2 years now and my skin is the best it has ever been. Being 52, I have tried more products than I can remember at this point and cannot fathom using anything else, ever! My skin glows with health and my partner comments all the time on how soft my skin is. Definitely worth giving it a try! You won’t be sorry you did.” Sandy S.

“I want to say how much I LOVE your soaps! I got the Shea butter and aloe vera package a few days ago. They smell wonderful, but gentle, not overwhelming. They suds up beautifully. They rinse off clean. Perfect! Make me want to spend all day In the shower. Thank you,  Tracy!!!” Junejo K.

“I’ve been religiously using the Nourish & Glow Face Lotion (thank you Tracy St Peter!) I have never found a face lotion that I’ve stuck with. I’ve always tried different products that I find at Sephora or a local store, but this is a keeper (and I plant to stick with it!). My face feels amazing, my skin looks great, the lotion smells clean; fresh and natural. I love that the ingredients are all natural as well. I urge you all to get a bottle for your bathroom or vanity! You won’t be disappointed! Absolutely amazing Tracy. Thank you for sharing your products with me!” Jamie E.

“These products are the best. They are not like anything you can find in any store, be it Whole Foods or anywhere else. They are unique, exceptional tools that go a long way toward truly enabling a person to restore health to the body. From the Vitamin D3 in tincture form, to the collagen supplement offered (Type II collagen), these products are truly invaluable. Hands down, my favorite product is the whey powder. The consensus in the paleo/vegan communities, respectively, with regard to autoimmune conditions or diseases, is that dairy is something to avoid. Milk, cheese, and even butter are not too highly esteemed on GAPS and SCD dietary protocols. Indeed, most whey protein powders don’t even come close to the level of quality as the kind offered here. The reason Native Roots’ whey is so good is not only that it comes from grassfed cattle, but also, New Zealand grassfed cattle–a place never known to have had a Mad Cow outbreak. People who have trouble with dairy tend to do OK on New Zealand dairy, or dairy that is A2. I found that I could make ketogenic shakes with it that include everything from hemp milk to heavy cream to cacao nibs. Not once as it caused me bloating, weight gain, or any sort of gut irritation. I even took it to a physician certified in ART (Autonomic Response Testing), and he confirmed that it was something I could have–not putting me in a fight/flight stress response. GAPS can get old quick if you find yourself relying on the same old stuff, or worse, having to deny yourself and all “healthy fats” that are considered off limits. Do yourself a favor and try Native Roots’ whey protein, as it’s a chance to enjoy dairy guilt-free and with real health benefits to boot.” – Mark B., Florida

“If I had to choose a favorite product, I’d have to say Vitamin D. When I had a blood panel done a year or so ago, everything was normal, except my Vitamin D levels were very low. Just because I live in Florida doesn’t mean I get enough Vitamin D, as one might think!  Working for a holistic doctor, I knew that Vitamin D is crucial for preventing chronic diseases that claim nearly one million lives throughout the world each year and fights infections, including colds and the flu, as it regulates the expression of genes that influence your immune system to attack and destroy bacteria and viruses. Native Roots Nutrition’s Vitamin D is one of the simplest and best things you can do for your health.”  – Rhonda, Florida